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national-top-trial-lawyersAt Perry & Aronin, we believe in providing our clients with the best legal consultation available. As one of the top law firms in New York City, our experienced lawyers dedicate themselves to serving our clients with passion and respectability.  With over forty years of experience, we pride ourselves on being trial lawyers equipped to meet any challenge head on.

When it comes to legal representation, the number of options can seem overwhelming. Trust the professionals at Perry & Aronin to handle your legal matters efficiently without charging you excessive fees. Most law firms will charge a flat rate for consultation that can seem out of reach for most of our clients. Our firm will work to find the right solution for you and your budget to make sure your legal needs are met without draining your bank account. You can always be sure, at Perry & Aronin, we are dedicated to an affordable approach to legal consultation tailored to meet your specific case.

Both of our attorneys, Kenneth M. Perry and William R. Aronin, have been honored among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in New York. Rest assured that our team will fight for your rights regardless of the nature of the case. Our firm knows how to defend its clients by getting to the heart of the matter at hand. From the first consultation to the courtroom, we are committed to fighting your case with a level of personal interest matched only by you.

We understand that legal matters can be one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life. Using our approach of combining legal expertise with a personal touch, our firm will help you solve your legal problems with excellent commitment and service. We guarantee that the client always comes first, no matter what. Whether you are looking to settle privately out of court or take your case to trial, trust Perry & Aronin to defend you with aggressive legal expertise and the utmost sensibility and personal consideration.

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