Ken PerryKen Perry is a prominent and award winning trial lawyer who has been practicing law for nearly 40 years.

Focusing primarily on the defending those accused of serious crimes, Ken has personally tried and won countless cases.

Ken is known throughout the New York City court system as a (sometimes overly) zealous advocate, who puts the prosecution to the test in each and every case, and who protects his client’s rights at all costs.  Once, while accompanying a client being taken into custody by the police, Ken’s aggressive advocacy of his client’s rights angered the police officers so greatly that they assaulted and arrested Ken.  Ken sued for damages and all charges were summarily dismissed; more importantly for Ken, his client was protected and safe.

Like all trial lawyers, Ken loves the fight, but he also understands the financial and business needs of his clients in a way that most attorneys simply do not.  In addition to the full-time practice of law, Ken was the CEO of two successful governmental defense-contracting Firms — All-Tronics, Inc. and All-Shield Enclosures, Ltd.

Ken can be reached by phone — (212) 566-1770 — or via email: